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KL02 Looks like it's operating at 32KHz rather than 41MHz. Why?

Question asked by Richard Gagliardo on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by Richard Gagliardo

Hi there,

I'm a bit puzzled about what I'm seeing. I've verified that the registers in my KL02Z32 MCU are set up as shown in the diagram below (BTW: love the Config Tool):



When I put the CPU into a very simple loop which toggles an output, it toggles at a rate of about 4kHz:



         if (loopcounter & 1)
            ledOn(LED_OUTPUT_BASE, 1<<OUTPUT_LED_PIN);
            ledOff(LED_OUTPUT_BASE, 1<<OUTPUT_LED_PIN);



I'm guessing that the core is not running at 41MHz. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!