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Filter ID Message MSCAN - Processor Expert

Discussion created by Caio Carriel on Mar 29, 2018
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Good Morning,


I am using the FRDM-KE06Z development board which has MSCAN.
Using Processor Expert I was able to receive and transmit data through the CAN perfectly.


What I can not do is understand how I can filter some specific CAN IDs.
For example, would you like to only get ID 0x7E8 what would the filters look like?


In the processor expert component has a function called CAN_SetRxIDFilterTable (Drv, ElementIndex, AccCode).
already tried to use this function with the values CAN_SetRxIDFilterTable (Drv, 0U, 0x7E8) and I continue to pick up all the IDs of the CAN bus and not only the 0x7E8.


Could someone help me by sending a sample code or helping me understand how it works?


Here is the screen print of my program and settings.