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Replacement for MC68701U4 without having the source for the eprom? (only got the compiled 4k bin)

Question asked by Stefan Nordkvist on Mar 28, 2018
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Newcomer from Sweden here .

I would like to replace a old MC68701U4 for a redesigned pcb but I dont have the original source, only the 4k bin file for the eprom. 


Would it even be possible or am I just wasting my time looking? I saw a similar post about replacement and MC68HC11 family was mentioned and also the newer S12 serie, since theyre both code/instruction compatible.. But he has the source code, I do not. The internal ram reads/writes could be troublesome is the replacement aint got ram in the same area, or if I could use external ram/eprom perhaps with a compatible MCU.


Any input is welcome!


Thanks for reading!