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MCAT - Motor Idendifier Tab for acim_hpv-kv58f application

Question asked by Charles Wheeler on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Pavel Sustek

Hi, I am trying to develop an inverter product based upon your ACIM reference design using the NXP high voltage development board (HVP-MC3PH) with a KV58F daughter card. I am able to compile and flash the software into the development board. The MCAT software does run a small AC motor in scalar and FOC modes. I am using a very small 3-phase AC motor rated for 0.16 HP (90W, 230V, 60Hz)


My problem is that I cannot get the Motor Identifier to work properly. I have entered the parameters for my motor in the Parameters tab and then attempt to Measure in the Motor Identifier tab. The motor spins fast for about 6 seconds, measures the Rs and then abruptly halts. The motor then sits idle and makes a humming noise. Application Note AN5051 indicates the Blocked Rotor Test follows the No-Load Test, which may be invoked at that point. The software is locked up at that point and will not proceed past the screen shown below. The values in Variable Watch window turn to question marks "?" . The only escape is to power down and restart everything. MCUXpresso seemed to compile, debug and flash the target board normally.


Freemaster does issue a error warning that states the M1_fm_I_increment / MID PwrStg I Inc variable is missing. Maybe that is the problem? I cannot map that variable into anything in the MCRSP_ACIM_V1.2.0 / acim_ref_sol software that I can identify. 


Can you provide any suggestions to get the Motor Identifier to work?

Thank you, Chuck Wheeler