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Debug console for printf.

Question asked by sreejith menon on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by Daniel Chen

I am working with a k22 microcontroller. I wanted to use one of the UART s as a debug port.I was planning on using the debug console functionality and mapping the output to a UART to make this my PRINTF is remapped to the hash defined  DbgConsole_Printf . I had 2 questions regarding this.


1) I am assuming that by using the debug console PRINTF and not actual 'printf' I can reduce the code footprint.Is this correct. are there any other adv/disadvantages to using the DbgConsole_Printf ?

2) For some strange reason when i try to print out float values using DbgConsole_Printf , its not showing in the console..? integer and char format specifiers works just fine.Anyone has had similar problems or insights into this?