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MIMXRT1050-EVK: High-speed, high-bandwidth USB Interrupt Endpoint?

Question asked by Myles Gifford on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by nick cai

I'm trying to create a HID device using the MIMXRT1050, and would like to use an interrupt endpoint to send asynchronous data.  Does the i.MX RT 1050 support a USB interrupt endpoint that can send more than one transfer per microframe?


The USB 2.0 specification mentions "high-speed, high-bandwidth" interrupt endpoints in Sections 5.9 and 5.9.1.  However, the section on endpoint descriptors in the i.MX RT1050 Reference Manual, on page 3167, in Table 54-57, it says that "Non-ISO endpoints must set Mult='00'.", and as far as I understand, there is no field in the qTD used by the interrupt endpoints to allow for multiplier overrides.


If I wanted to get multiple transfers per microframe over the same endpoint, would I then have to use an isochronous endpoint and abandon HID?