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U-Boot 1.3.3 for new MCF5485EVB BSP: Error: start address not on sector boundary

Discussion created by James Kimble on Oct 23, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2008 by musa wang

I'm running this on a Coldfire (MCF5484) processor for Linux 2.6.25. I've
got 64MB of Intel P33 flash. I have two chips that have their chip selects
tied together to give me 32 bit read/write.

flinfo shows:

Bank # 1: CFI conformant FLASH (32 x 16)  Size: 64 MB in 259 SectorsEC0000
  Intel Extended command set, Manufacturer ID: 0x89, Device ID: 0x22
  Erase timeout: 4096 ms, write timeout: 1 ms
  Buffer write timeout: 2 ms, buffer size: 64 bytes
addr_first:     0xfc002000
  Sector Start Addresses:0
  FC000000   RO   FC010000   RO   FC020000   RO   FC030000   RO   FC040000
  FC080000   RO   FC0C0000   RO   FC100000   RO   FC140000   RO   FC180000
  FC1C0000   RO   FC200000        FC240000        FC280000        FC2C0000
  FC300000        FC340000        FC380000        FC3C0000        FC400000

Got CS0 set as:

#define CFG_CS0_BASE            0xFC000000
#define CFG_CS0_MASK            (((CFG_BOOTSZ << 20) - 1) & 0xFFFF0001)
#define CFG_CS0_CTRL            0x00002500

This chips first four sectors are 32K (the rest are 128K). The
CFG_ENV_SECT_SIZE is set to 0x2000. However if I change it to 32K I get
errors. On top of that the sector boundaries look fine in flinfo. I put in
some debug to see more about the error and I get:

-> save
Saving Environment to Flash...
addr_first:     0xfc002000
info->start[0]: 0xfc000000
b_end:          0xffffffff
Error: start address not on sector boundary

Not sure what to do with this. Any help appreciated.