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Uart1 to Uart0 configuration in vf610twr u-boot

Question asked by Mohan Saini on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Mohan Saini

Hi I am trying to compile u-boot for vf610twr_config after flashing the u-boot on the target i have connected a ttl to usb converter on the serial port0 PTB10,PTB11 of the controller. But i am not able to see any data on the terminal. as u-boot comes with uart1 configuration i have made some changes to the source code to configure it for uart0 but its not working can anyone help me out what i need to do to get it working.

the changes i have made are as below to iomux-vf610.h

VF610_PAD_PTB10__UART1_TX = IOMUX_PAD(0x0080, 0x0080, 2, __NA_, 0, VF610_UART_PAD_CTRL),
VF610_PAD_PTB11__UART1_RX = IOMUX_PAD(0x0084, 0x0084, 2, __NA_, 0, VF610_UART_PAD_CTRL),

and config.h

#define CONFIG_BAUDRATE 115200