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iMX7D M4 core access and communication

Question asked by Vishal Patil on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Jas Math

Hello people, I am new to Heterogeneous Multicore Processing. I'm using an i.MX-7D processor with pre-compiled Ubuntu OS by the vendor.

I wish to access the SPI and I2C ports via Cortex M4 core and send messages between cores using RPMsg. I looked a bit at device tree, but not sure how to access hardware ports via Cortex M4 core.


These are my questions:

1) How to enable SPI and I2C for use via cortex M4 core and disable it in the Cortex A7 core?

2) How do I compile uboot and/or device tree files for use with precompiled Ubuntu OS?

3) Is there any resource to understand how to send and receive data using OS on the Cortex A7 core?