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Question asked by Alice Li on Mar 26, 2018
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In FCCU of MPC5744P,four RCCU errors has been listed, including  NCF[11]RCCU_0a, NCF[12]RCCU_0b, NCF[13]RCCU_1 and NCF[69]RCCU_2. I have some questions:

1.  How to distinguish the differences among them? Especially the RCCU_0b and RCCU_2, they are both related to D-MEM. 

2. in the description of NCF[69] , Redundancy mismatch: DSMC D-MEM out of lockstep ,as shown in following figure, the checker core has access to D-MEM memory array? While in Safety Manual of MPS5744P,  it said "The Checker Core does not have a direct connection to the XBAR. All of the outputs of Checker Core_0 that target the XBAR (as well as any other non-duplicated resource, like local memories) ."