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spi4-slave register

Question asked by lei he on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by lei he

      I have a problem in spi driver ,platform is imx6D6AVT&&linux3.0.35,I can't get rx Interrupt when using  spi4 as salve mode,the hardware connection is EIM_A25,EIM_D21,EIM_D22,,EIM_D28,so i mustchose SS1 as chip select?  ECSPI4_CONREG:0x00f0e101;   ECSPI4_CONFIGREG:0x00f00000; ECSPIx_INTREG=0xf8,is this config avalible?

   I can only get TXFIFO Empty Interrupt,when ECSPIx_INTREG=0xff,so I write 0x1 to ECSPI4_TXDATA  to stop it,if TXDATA buffer is not NULL,how can i start read bytes from master,by setting ECSPIx_CONREG xch bit with 1?

      thank you!!!