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None VCOM port with LPC11C (OM13093)

Question asked by Arthur TREMEAU on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by Brendon Slade

Hello everyone.


I'm new on this community, and young electronics engineer.


This is my problem :

I'm using since a week ago the LPCXpresso board with LPC11C24 (OM13093).

When I plug it to my computer (Windows 10) drivers installation is ok but there is none VCOM PORT in my device manager.

I try to use the LPCOpen uart library, I already used the "semihost" on the IDE but it's not really what i expected. I mean "printf" and "scanf" is good but i would like to do better than that ^^.


To beginning, for example, if i send a character by a terminal on a VCOM Port the board will do something like turn-on LED or whatever.


I red in the documentation there is apparently no FTDI drivers... So how can i use the UART of the board ?


I think : i will weld a RS232 connector and that's it, but I don't understand why i can't use a VCOM Port directly


Sorry but i'm at home so i can't bring all information in this first message.


What i want to know is how to do a VCOM PORT with LPC11C24 (OM13093 board) ?

If it's not possible, What can i do ?


Thank you all