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imx1050, 2 problems adding lpi2c driver and gpio interrupt for the fxos8700 in zephyr

Question asked by Nathan T on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Nathan T

I have added the lpi2c driver to the imx1050 board in Zephyr to support the fxos8700, however I have a few small issues.


1. The first issues is that if I send a reset command to the 8700 (I have commented it out of the zephyr 8700 driver here:, the gyro no longer responds to commands and must be power cycled.


2. Polling mode is working fine, with a few changes to the sensor sample. However interrupt mode is not working.


Here it is in polling mode:

***** BOOTING ZEPHYR OS v1.11.0 - BUILD: Mar 24 2018 23:22:52 *****

AX= 0.009576 AY= -0.105345 AZ= 9.710881 MX= -0.100000 MY= -0.291000 MZ= 0.512000 T= 24.960000
AX= -0.019154 AY= -0.114922 AZ= 9.873687 MX= -0.095000 MY= -0.323000 MZ= 0.502000 T= 24.960000
AX= -0.038308 AY= -0.057461 AZ= 9.835380 MX= -0.107000 MY= -0.319000 MZ= 0.541000 T= 24.000000
AX= -0.057461 AY= -0.067038 AZ= 9.854534 MX= -0.083000 MY= -0.305000 MZ= 0.537000 T= 24.960000


However, enabling interrupt mode (by defining this thread and uncommenting the code here: results in a hard fault:


***** MPU FAULT *****
Executing thread ID (thread): 0x200004b0
Faulting instruction address: 0x504c
Data Access Violation
Address: 0x0
Fatal fault in thread 0x200004b0! Aborting.
***** HARD FAULT *****
Fault escalation (see below)
***** MPU FAULT *****
Executing thread ID (thread): 0x200004b0
Faulting instruction address: 0x4fa8
Data Access Violation
Address: 0x0
Fatal fault in ISR! Spinning...


This originates in dlist.h


337 static inline void sys_dlist_append(sys_dlist_t *list, sys_dnode_t *node)
338 {
339 node->next = list;
340 node->prev = list->tail;
342 list->tail->next = node;
343 list->tail = node;
344 }

list appears to be 0x0

(gdb) p *list
$10 = {{head = 0x0 <isr_tables_syms>, next = 0x0 <isr_tables_syms>}, {tail = 0x0 <isr_tables_syms>, prev = 0x0 <isr_tables_syms>}}
(gdb) bt
#0 0x000050b0 in sys_dlist_append (node=0x200005ac <_main_thread_s>, list=0x2000008c <fxos8700_data+4>) at ../../../../include/misc/dlist.h:342
#1 _pend_thread (thread=0x200005ac <_main_thread_s>, wait_q=wait_q@entry=0x2000008c <fxos8700_data+4>, timeout=timeout@entry=-1)
at /Users/me/src/embedded/zephyr/kernel/sched.c:197
#2 0x000051f8 in _pend_current_thread (wait_q=0x2000008c <fxos8700_data+4>, timeout=-1) at /Users/me/src/embedded/zephyr/kernel/sched.c:215
#3 0x0000562c in _impl_k_sem_take (sem=sem@entry=0x2000008c <fxos8700_data+4>, timeout=timeout@entry=-1) at /Users/me/src/embedded/zephyr/kernel/sem.c:175
#4 0x000048d2 in k_sem_take (timeout=-1, sem=0x2000008c <fxos8700_data+4>) at zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/kernel.h:79
#5 fxos8700_trigger_set (dev=0x20001558 <__device_fxos8700>, trig=0x20000aec <_main_stack+916>, handler=0x1e89 <trigger_handler>)
at /Users/me/src/embedded/zephyr/drivers/sensor/fxos8700/fxos8700_trigger.c:149
#6 0x00001efa in sensor_trigger_set (handler=0x1e89 <trigger_handler>, trig=0x20000aec <_main_stack+916>, dev=0x20001558 <__device_fxos8700>)
at /Users/me/src/embedded/zephyr/include/sensor.h:341
#7 main () at ../src/main.c:60

You can see my changes here:

wip, i2c driver and fxos8700 (non-triggered) support for the imx1050 · nathantsoi/zephyr@cd5c79e · GitHub 


Or checkout the whole branch to run it:

GitHub - nathantsoi/zephyr at upstream-zephyr-v1.11.0-mimxrt1050-lpi2c 


Any direction would be much appreciated.