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KL25z outputting 3.3v when connected through USB when configured for ADC

Question asked by owen lee on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Hello. I am using the KL25z and I am running into an interesting problem. Some of the pins are outputting a constant 3.3v when connected through USB despite being configured differently. Specifically I am configuring PTE22 to be ADC input on channel 3 and when connected to the uVision debugger the values don't make any sense. When reading the voltage coming directly out of PTE22 I am seeing 3.3v. When I unplug the cable and power the device through the Vin I see 0v and I assume that means it is functioning as the ADC input. What could be causing this? The code configures everything correctly because I don’t see this problem on a different KL25z that is configured and wired the same way.