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MFG boot from HyperFlash with DCD for SDRAM

Question asked by Nikolaos Chatzinikolaou on Mar 26, 2018
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I am trying to follow the instructions in AN12107.pdf section 3.6, in order to boot from Hyperflash (and eventually QSPI) with SDRAM support on a RT1050-EVK board. I have downloaded Flashloader tools version 1.1, and version 2.3.0 of the SDK, however I am unable to locate the DCD.bin file (googling for it also produced no results). Also, where can I find the source for this file, and how is it built? If we use an alternative SDRAM chip on our production board, will this DCD need to be adjusted, and if so, how?


Any suggestions on how to proceed are greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance,