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Getting DDR3 ce and ue Ecc errors

Question asked by sedat altun on Mar 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by Bulat Karymov


I have a custom board with T4240 SoC with ddr data rate 1866.

I am getting ddr3 ecc errors in only one ddr controller under heavy network load. With one dimm I can repeat the erroronous situation if i insert it onto controller 2.

All the controllers are configured with the same configuration parameters. 


If dont  insert any dimm module onto controller number 2 i am never getting ecc errors.  Since with only 2 controllers the network performance of the system is degrading nearly by 1.5  times  I must have to use 3 ddr controllers.


We have checked the pcb but couldnt find any mistakes that may cause ecc errors. Does the  configuration of the ddr controller cause ecc errors? 


I have no ddr validation tool. But I have tried some configurations by  changing the write leveling and odt  parameters. The situation is not even changing even I am trying different values for write leveling and odt parameters. I am getting ecc errors in a short time like 10 seconds after applying heavy load to the board. 


If i use the sama dimms with the ddr  working at a 

slower rate like 1333, I am also getting the ecc errors but after a much longer amount of time.

 Does anybody have any idea why I am getting ecc errors on the specified controller. Is it a signal integrity or a ddr misconfiguration situation.

Any help will be appreciated.