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OpenVG driver on MQX on SAC57D54 SoC.

Question asked by Shutov Mikhail on Mar 22, 2018

OpenVG driver on MQX on SAC57D54 SoC.


I am trying to run an example, which using OVG library. 

MQX normally starts the example task, which initiates fbws and OVG API. But on some call of API function MQX destroy the example task. On tiger example this problem occurs on call of eglSwapBuffers(disp, surf) .

On LOGO example the same on call:

vgImageSubData(image, picdata, picdata_width * 4, VG_sRGBA_8888, 0, 0, picdata_width, picdata_height); 

On pbuffer_2 example the same on call vgFinish();


Can you give some advises, what to check and fix. Thank you.