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i.MX6Q with Andriod 5 automatic reboot issue

Question asked by John Cheng on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by John Cheng

Dear Supporter


Our customize board is similar with the i.MX 6Q sabresd except the DDR, and we have completed the ddr test,  about 70% of the boards will reboot after the Andriod 5 OS running for 24-48 hours, 15% will reboot after 48-72 hours, 5% will reboot after 2 hours.



Memory: 512MB+512MB


Kernel version: 3.10.53
Android OS Version : Android 5.0


The dump log as below:

[16:49:50.550][  133.564597] galcore 130000.gpu: **** DPM device timeout ****

[16:49:50.565][  133.570298] [<807f1b40>] (__schedule+0x350/0x724) from [<807f2104>] (io_schedule+0x68/0x94)

[16:49:50.565][  133.578684] [<807f2104>] (io_schedule+0x68/0x94) from [<800a501c>] (sleep_on_page+0x8/0x10)

[16:49:50.581][  133.587064] [<800a501c>] (sleep_on_page+0x8/0x10) from [<807f04c8>] (__wait_on_bit_lock+0x6c/0xb8)

[16:49:50.581][  133.596045] [<807f04c8>] (__wait_on_bit_lock+0x6c/0xb8) from [<800a500c>] (__lock_page+0x94/0x9c)

[16:49:50.597][  133.604933] [<800a500c>] (__lock_page+0x94/0x9c) from [<800dc21c>] (migrate_pages+0x4b4/0x4cc)



We have tried to reduce the IMX6 processor frequency and increase the  CPU voltage, the board will running fine.

Would you give me some advice to analyse this issue? Thanks.