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DNS issue

Question asked by arya vijayan on Mar 22, 2018
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We have observed that the DNS server is failing to resolve the IP address. This is mostly seen when we switch the router OFF/ON. But that time we can ping the DNS IP successfully. Note that other devices are working in the same network without issues. Please provide a solution.


Another question is should we start DNS client when we retrieve IP from DHCP server? We are using the below calls to get IP from DHCP server.


dnsIPAddress = ipcfg_get_dns_ip(ENET_DEVICE,0)


Should I call ipcfg_add_dns_ip(ENET_DEVICE, dnsIPAddress ) after ipcfg_get_dns_ip()??


More details:

OS                     : MQX 4.0.2

Platform            : K60