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LH75401-different chip-versions

Question asked by Gerold Wagner on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Gerold Wagner

Hi out there,


in an old design we are using NXP BlueStreak LH75401 System-on -Chip as Controller in our grafical display .

We have seen problems with the CAN-Interface in some of our products, we can not explain (CAN-packets were destroyed by the controller without any reason).

We have seen different CPUTAPIDs in the controllers:
0x00754061: This is the value a chip A with the marking LH75401-NOQ, 100 CO, 1441 KOREA, D88SJ.1, This is the value stated in the user manual.
0x3f1f0f0f: This is the value of chip B with the marking LH75401-NOQ, 100 CO, 1351 KOREA, D7JMY.1.

Both Chips seem to work the same except of the CAN-Interface. We expect a change in the can-controller of the chip.

Does anybody know about the history of the chip and can point us the datasheets/usermanuals/erratas of the different versions?

Thanks for your help