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twr-kv58 ADC Pot

Question asked by Ken Samuelson on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by Ken Samuelson

Sorry to be asking such a dumb question but I have a TWR-KV58 board.  I installed the MCUExpresso IDE and Board SDD.  I imported the twrkv58m_demo_apps_adc16potentiometer program and build.  When I run the program and not moving the POT at all I get:


The ADC16 output value is 1009.

The ADC16 output value is 1482.

The ADC16 output value is 851.

The ADC16 output value is 939.

The ADC16 output value is 1087.

or other numbers that do not seem to be related to the Pot.


I see the program is connected to ADC:



i can't figured out where this is correct for the Pot input.


I checked with a volt meter at Pin 39 and am getting Voltage changes from 0 to 3.3 related to where the Pot is located.  I see in the documentation that Pin 39 is tied to HSADC0A_CH12/CMP0_IN4/CMP2_IN3 even though on the schematic it looks to be tied to ADCA_CH6D.

Can someone help me get the demo program to work or tied to the right ADC input?