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why I can't run the application through the application start application?

Discussion created by jlu xiao on Mar 22, 2018
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Hello everyone !

         Rencently I‘m learning Bootloader , when I  run  the bootlaoder  and  have download  the other application,

I want to run the other application ,but I can't  realize it. 

      Bootlaoder Lcf :

      Application Lcf

And t I use  "app_entry (); " to change bootlaoder to application :


#define APP_StartAddr (*(uint32_t*)0x00004004)

void app_entry(void)
(*(void (*)(void))(APP_StartAddr))();   /*run the function via function pointer convert with a certain address*/

while(1);                                                 /*stop here for anyhow*/

  Really hope someone can give me some help !