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LPC54606 VBAT current consumption

Question asked by wang chunzhong wang on Mar 22, 2018
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We designed a board with LPC54606J512.The VBAT pin was supplied by one rechargeable lithium battery,so when the board is powered down,the VBAT is still powered on and other power pins are powered down.The lithium battery's capacity is 5.5mAh.But we found the VBAT was powered down in 2 weeks board testing.I tested the VDD pin's voltage was about 0.9V while the VBAT was 2.8V.The VDD is designed 2.8V and the lithium battery is charged when the board is powered on.

So I want to ask what's the VBAT current consumption in my board when powered down? I found table 18 in UM10912 but I doubt my board's VBAT current consumption.

Thank you!