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Programming a new out-of-the-box MKV58 MCU using the openSDA circuit signals from a TWR-KV58F220M system

Question asked by Ahmed Bajwa on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by xiangjun.rong

we're part of a student team and we're going to use an MKV58 MCU for our project. We have a JTAG connection to the MCU set up with a 19-pin cortex-M header and we also have access to the UART TX/RX signal paths of the MCU. We were wondering if we could use the UART TX/RX coupled with the SWD_DIO and SWD_CLK signals from the openSDA to program our new MCU? 

The main thing we'd like to know is whether the new MCU would be programmable in this way and if it is, is there a guide and/or reference that can help us do it? also, would we first need to get a bootloader program in the main MCU before being able to use the openSDA SWD/UART signals to program it or can we perform the programming on a new MCU (which comes with a flashloader application pre-programmed)? 

I've attached an image of the openSDA signals that are mentioned above, mainly the UART/SWD/JTAG signals. 

Thanks for any help or tips!