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K64F - RX buffer size is zero

Question asked by 勝行 笹島 on Mar 21, 2018



I'm using K64F with KSDK-1.4.0 and the supplied RTX(ARM).
This is a custom PCB and has an ethernet/PHY interface.
The ethernet is also working, the TCP/IP stack being used is the MDK-ARM Middleware(ARM).


After a while by applying this PCB to the UDP storm tool (self-made), the Rx descriptor
information has an abnormal value after the Rx interrupt has occurred.
Specifically, it has the following information and the data length is 0.


Enhanced uDMA receive buffer descriptor(RxBD) infomation
 Data Length(Offset+0 Filed 15-0) => 0x0000
 E(Offset+2 Field 15) => 0



I don't know the exact reason to this.
Have you got any idea what shall I do? How can I recover from this error successfully?



Thanks, regards,
Katsuyuki Sasajima