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Unknown Protocol Error

Question asked by 飞思 刘 on Mar 22, 2018
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I have a device which uses two DSP56F805, and they are DSP-A and DSP-B. Several days ago, I can't download the program onto DSP-B (at the beginning, not after several percentages). In most cases, Codewarrior mentions "Failed to erase flash", sometimes mentions "Unknown protocol Error". This problem occasionally came up in DSP-A, but usually it works. Then I came up with the question “Failed to erase flash”, and I was told that DSP-B might have a damage, so I changed the chip. But now, it still doesn't work, and codewarrior mentions "Unknown Protocol Error". I have checked the JTAG interface of DSP-B, I think there is no problem. I also download the program of DSP-B onto DSP-A, so I think the cable and the program should have no problem. I really don't know where the problem might be. Please help me, I am almost lose the hopes.


Thank you!


Bo Liu




我又一台焊接电源使用了两块DSP56F805,分别为DSP-A和DSP-B。前一段时间,DSP-B突然无法考入程序,大多数时候提示“Failed to erase flash”,有时候提示“Unknown Protocol Error”,DSP-A有时也会出现问题,但多数时候工作正常。我在论坛提问“Failed to erase flash”之后,被告知应该是DSP-B损坏,所以我更换了芯片。可是更换之后,Codewarrior还是提示“Unknown Protocol Error”,我检查了DSP-B的JTAG引脚,应该没有问题。DSP-A可以拷入A和B的程序,所以我想传输线缆和程序应该也没有问题。求教大家这种情况应该是哪里出了问题?很着急,谢谢!


Bo Liu