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How can I upgrade from openssl 1.0.2d to 1.0.2n?

Question asked by Ryan Pabis on Mar 21, 2018

Our hardware is based on the imx6ulevk reference board and we use imx-4.1.15-1.0.0_ga as our reference yocto package.  And in that package it uses openssl 1.0.2d which has a lot of CVE vulnerabilities.  However, if I try to upgrade to later versions (ideally 1.0.2n) I get a lot of compiler errors.


NOTE:  When I upgrade openssl I use one of our layers (not poky/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl) and then define the preferred version in our layer/conf/layer.conf file.  However, when I do that i get multiple python errors, rpm errors, linux-libc-header errors etc.  Which leads me to believe there are a lot of openssl dependencies in the openembedded layer.  However, I was able to upgrade expat, curl, rpcbind, and python this way.