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imx6dl: blank screen while xorg server starting

Question asked by Parthiban Nallathambi on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by igorpadykov

Board Information:

Board: Santaro Core x2

Soc: i.MX6Dual

Graphics: GC320 Vivante


Software Information:

Linux kernel: 4.14.26

Yocto: rocko release + meta-freescale (MACHINE = use-mainline-bsp)

Xorg Driver: xf86-video-armada (with etnaviv-source from



I have used lzopcat to dump logo image into fb0 during the early phase of booting. Once all the applications are started, I am trying to start xorg server and chromium after that. Here the screen goes black for ~6 to 10 seconds before chromium appears on screen.


I wanted to achieve seamless splash logo during this phase.


What I have tried:

I have tried patching (Google Groups ) for modesettings and tried using framebuffer based with "-background none" to xorg server.

I have tried started xorg server with armada driver + background none option.


From the code I could see that the xf86-video-armada doesn't have implementation for "backgroun none" option to copy/retain the framebuffer content during xorg start up phase (correct me if I am wrong).


Should I need to patch Linux Kernel IPU to avoid the screen going blank?



  1. How can I achieve seamless logo display in this case? Please suggest.
  2. Chromium consumes more then 80% of CPU all the time. Am I missing something for acceleration? Please suggest. How can I accelerate chromium?
  3. How can I achieve the splash screen from u-boot to chromium?

I am happy to have alpha blending transition from logo to chromium display without any blank screen if possible.



My xorg.conf:


Section "Device"
Identifier "Driver0"
Screen 0
Driver "armada"

# Support hotplugging displays?
Option "Hotplug" "TRUE"

# Support hardware cursor if available?
Option "HWCursor" "TRUE"

# Use GPU acceleration?
Option "UseGPU" "TRUE"

# Provide Xv interfaces?
Option "XvAccel" "TRUE"

# Prefer overlay for Xv (TRUE for armada-drm, FALSE for imx-drm)
Option "XvPreferOverlay" "TRUE"

# Which accelerator module to load (automatically found if commented out)
Option "AccelModule" "etnadrm_gpu"
Option "AccelModule" "etnaviv_gpu"

# Support DRI2 interfaces?
Option "DRI" "TRUE"


Thanks in advance for your help and suggestion.



Parthiban N