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Please tell me the meaning of these words in S12ZVM_PMSMFOC_appcfonfig.xlsm

Question asked by Nao Nishii on Mar 20, 2018
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I download MC9S12ZVML128 PMSM Sensorless.

I wanna try to use my own motor, and to modify the parameters in the software.

But, I'm not sure what parameters indicate.


Please tell me meaning of these parameters below, or provide manual about S12ZVM_PMSMFOC_appcfonfig.xlsm.

  • Current loop bandwidth
  • Current loop attenuation
  • Speed loop bandwidth
  • Speed loop attenuation
  • Speed measurement filter (moving average)
  • Position observer bandwidth
  • Position observer loop attenuation
  • Transient to sensorless at speed