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Which eMMC for ls102x can advice?

Question asked by Andrey Kononov on Mar 21, 2018
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We used MTFC8GLDDQ-4M IT ( LBGA, 100-ball, 14x18x1.4 ) eMMC in our ls1020 based design (as boot source also).

But MTFC8GLDDQ-4M IT is EOL now unfortunately.


It looks like MTFC8GACAEDQ-AAT is the single choice for replacement, but it has 5.0 MMC Interface.


Is MTFC8GACAEDQ-AAT compatible with ls102x or not?

Can you suggest any replacement for MTFC8GLDDQ-4M IT (8GB or more, LBGA, 100-ball, 14x18x1.4 )?