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OpenWrt for "ls1012afrdm"  Bootloader Selection Missing

Question asked by abhilash vr on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by miguel lopez

Hello Everyone,


Trying to build OpenWrt for FRDM-LS1012A-PA, but the boot loader selection is missing the menuconfig of Openwrt.


I followed below steps in Ubuntu 17.10 host,working with commit id 0f1a1489a6c584d7de6680a65b457acf328818bd 


#  git clone


# ./scripts/feeds update -a


# ./scripts/feeds install -a


# make menuconfig


Target System (NXP Layerscape)

Subtarget (ARMv8 64-bit based boards)  --->

Target Profile (ls1012afrdm-armv8_64b)  --->


Now when I check the "Boot loader option section"   No boot loader selection listed, Attaching the screen shot also for reference.


Could you please help me to resolve this?, How can I build Openwrt for ls1012afrdm