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USBDM for the JB16J, is it possible?

Question asked by Kevin Meyer on Oct 22, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by Kevin Meyer
Dear pgo and everyone else,

I have discovered that I have the SOIC20 JB16JD instead of the SOIC28 JB16D.

Is it possible to implement pgo's USBDM on the 20 pin version?

Looking at the USBDM_JB16.h header, it looks like it might be possible, if I use only 1 LED and merge the RST_DRV pins from 2 to 1. The same goes for BDM_DRV and BDM_IN.

Can anyone tell me any reason why this will not be possible?

pgo, have you already implemented a source version that will fit on the 20 pin chip?

Is this a lost cause, and would I be better off trying to use the JM32's that I have? Or is it a catch-22, that I need a BDM programmer in order to program the USBDM into the JM32?

Thanks in advance.