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How to use USDPAA with LSDK 1712?

Question asked by Mathias Köhrer on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by bpe


I am interested in using user space DPAA (USDPAA) on the LS1046A using the LSDK V17.12.

Within the LSDK 1712 there are some references to usdpaa (e.g. in the file packages/apps/Makefile) however there

is no link to a GIT repository to download the usdpaa source code.

What is the actually state of USDPAA with LSDK 1712? Is this feature still supported or are the found links just orphaned leftovers from previous versions?

I found a nice presentation of the USDPAA (User Space Data Path Acceleration Architecture (USD|NXP ), is this information still valid with the LSDK 1712 or is this valid for previous versions?


Thanks a lot for any feedback on this question?