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RT1050 Rom Boot loader devices connections

Question asked by Jian Li on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by Jian Li

On the latest data sheet, when boot loader from UART1, Table 79 show 4 pins are used, 

But on reference manual table 8-1 as follows:

Only two pins are needed. Which one I should to use, if the UART1 port does not use CTS and RTS signals, is boot loader still to talk the device? Where I can find more information regarding the ROM bootloader?


When boot from FlexSPI, it lists a hyper flash as follows:


Is the ROM boot loader works with QSPI flash on FLEXSPI_A or FLEXSPI_B port, if yes, how it behaviors? Which IC is selected first? FLEXSPI_A_SS0_B or  FLEXSPI_B_SS0_B? What is required connections?


Any  help is appreciated! Thank you in advance!