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MCUXpresso - Necesary project configuration

Discussion created by Ilyes Chaikhy on Mar 20, 2018
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Hello everyone,


The name of the discussion is not so explicit and I already apologize for that. I'm currently working on a MKL46Z256VLL4. I'm using MCUXpresso, and  I created a project without any file from the KSDK. I just kept a part from the main header MKL46Z4.h which are used by my functions, the file startup_mkl4z.c and my own drivers . I tried to compile my project using the auto generated makefile and doing my own one but without success. My goal would be to be able to use a project with the least unused files as possible. Please note that the same project with all the drivers from the SDK generated with MCUXpresso is fully functional.

I'm aware that you certainly will need some complementary information that I will be happy to provide you.
So if I could have some advices about what's missing or wrong in my project, I would be very thankful !





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