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ls1043 : How to use lpuart1 as an RS485 serial link ?

Question asked by Serge Payre on Mar 19, 2018

If I send string from a PC to my board,  the receipt of characters works correctly but when my send string from my board, the remote terminal receives only the last character.


The image below contains a record of RTS and TXT signals


As you can see the transmission of the first character at 9600 baud starts 1.1 ms after the RTS signal goes low whereas according to the user manual of ls1043 this temp should be equal to 100 μS.
I try to set TXRTSPOL to 1 to invert RTS signal without success.


Why RTS output signal goes low even if I set TXRTSPOL bit ?


Why the transmission begin after 1,1 ms ?


Thanks for your help