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SWD:Program Section command

Question asked by 张恺钰 张 on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by 张恺钰 张

Hello everyone,

   I am an an rookie engineer,Thanks for you reading.

I am now try to program the the FS32K144 MCU by swd,i can programm whole flash(512k) by Program Long Word command. but i want to use "program section command" to improve speed.


   I have some questions:

1.Did this command can write a quarter of FlexRam(0x14000000 to 0x14000100) to a flash sector?

2.How can i write date for example(0x55667788) to FlexRam(0x14000000-0x140003ff)?


I think i have set FlexRam as traditional ram because i can read value 0x02 from register 0x40020001.


below is my code i just want to write 0x55667788 to start address of FlexRam,but no matter whatever value i wrote to ,

when i read from this address ,always be 0x00000000.



I can make sure the protocol of SWD(WriteIO and ReadIO) are right.


Thanks for you all again, i will be alway waiting for your reply