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How to choose the right parser on a Mac? / Binary Parser / LPC1115

Question asked by Andreas Schmidt on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Andreas Schmidt

Hi everybody,


my intention is to program in C simple projects to learn how to program the NXP LPC1115 using C; then build, download, and debug the result using LPC-Link.


As a beginner I experience lots of Xpresso crashes or error messages. After reading in the help documentation I found in a makefile section

In the Binary Parser list, select the error parser that is appropriate for your platform. Other project settings can be modified here as well. The default selection is probably OK.

What is OK? - I switched my Mac computer and the OS to version to 10.13 (High Sierra). Since then I experience lots of problems. Reading through the communities I read about choosing this or that parser etc. Now, I think it is may be vital for the smoothness of the build, download and debug process to find the right ticks in the small boxes. ;-)

Can somebody give me details on what to choose? I attached 2 windows, showing you the variety of the parsers.


Hints and questions are very much appreciated!

Ciao Andreas