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LPC54018 IoT board & Amazon Freertos: UsageFault coprocessor

Question asked by Yves Bernard on Mar 16, 2018
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I am using the LPC54018 IoT board with the baseboard, and when I try to run the aws echo example on it, I have a UsageFault coprocessor after the scheduler starts. #


I'm using Segger embedded studio. I've tried to erase the MCU severall time to start from scratch, but I really can't get rid of this error. It is a bit surprising since I'm using software directly downloaded from segger website. 


I wanted to try with MCUXpresso, but I cannot see the aws examples in the LPC018-IoT board SDK 2.3. Do you have a direct link to this SDK ? (I've downloaded it with the MCUXpresso SDK builder but there is no aws examples as far as I can see )


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