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Using clock tool code to switch between RUN and HSRUN

Question asked by Chris Keeser on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Alice_Yang

I am trying to use the clock config tool to generate 2 clock configurations, a "HighPower" mode (run mode = HSRUN) and a "LowPower" mode (run mode = RUN).  My intent is to save power by switching back and forth between these two clock configurations depending on the processing needs. I have the 2 configurations set up in the MCUXpresso Config Tools, but when I observe the generated C source, the "LowPower" mode lacks code to switch the run mode back to RUN.  There is code in the "HighPower" mode to change the run mode to HSRUN, but if I switch back to "LowPower" the device will not be switched back to RUN.


Is this a bug in the tool?  A configuration error on my part?  A misuse of the tool?


I am using MCUXpress config tools v4.  Thanks for any insight.