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How to set GPIO pull-down resistor in the S32 SDK

Question asked by andibavaria on Mar 16, 2018



am working with the MPC5748G DevKit and the S32 SDK.


In the "Component Inspector" (pin_mux:PinSettings) i'm able to set the GPIO's Input/Output (SIUL2 Mask)

The Pin component (pin_mux:PinSettings) is offering me some functions which i can drag'n drop into my code.


Now i want to set a GPIO resistor pull-down or no-pull, active high or active low.


Are there functions for GPIO settings? I can only find functions which handle Ports, like PINS_DRV_SetPullSel().

Or do I have to config the GPIO directly like SIUL2->GPDO[x] = SIUL2_GPDO_xxxxx



Thanks for Info!