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Question asked by Viktor Afanasyev on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Viktor Afanasyev

My questions are concerning of powering the microprocessor   iMX6 SOLOX.

1) I am not using of non-volatile features of the iMX6 SOLOX microprocessor. Because of this I would like to combine VDD_HIGH_IN and VDD_SNVS_IN pins of the iMX6 SOLOX microprocessor as proposed in the file IMX6SXAEC.pdf (4.1.3 Operating Ranges Table 10). What a power rail from the preprogrammed PMIC chip MMPF0200F6AEP should I use to power the combined pins VDD_HIGH_IN and VDD_SNVS_IN? I think that I cannot use the output VSNVS_3V0 because it is too weak but I cannot use the output VGEN6_3V0 because it is appeared late to delay the PMIC_PWRON >500ms to ensure 32.768kHz xtal osc output is stable. Is it means that to power the combined pins VDD_HIGH_IN and VDD_SNVS_IN I must use an external LDO connected to the SYS_3V8 net of PMIC   MMPF0200F6AEP?


2) I am confused about the nets PMIC_PWRON and PMIC_ON_REQ of the MCIMX6SX SDB board (SCH-27962 PDF: SPF-27962, the file SPF-27962.pdf). These two nets are shorted through the resistor R317 (sheet 4). But the net PMIC_PWRON is connected to the output R̅S̅T̅ of the IC U41 and the net PMIC_ON_REQ is connected to the output SNVS_PMIC_ON_REQ of the microprocessor   iMX6 SOLOX. Two outputs are shorted. Is it correct? Is it allowed?


3) I am not use the Android button on my board. How I should connect the pin ONOFF of the microprocessor   iMX6 SOLOX to have automatic Power ON my board when the input voltage is turn ON?


4) I would like not to use the SW2 output of the PMIC as a source of 3.3 volts for my PCB. I plan to use the input voltage 3.3V and a load switch instead of use the SW2 output of the PMIC. If I do not soldered on the board components related to SW2LX, SW2IN, SW2FB pins of the preprogrammed PMIC chip MMPF0200F6AEP, will the preprogrammed MMPF0200F6AEP generate the error and interrupts signals if the SW2_3V3 voltage is absent?  Will the MMPF0200F6AEP start?