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UART configuration for K line communication

Question asked by Gopi Chakrala on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Daniel Martynek

Hi NXP team,


We are using S32K1XX controller in our project.

I used the example code of LPUART1 and tested on the Evaluation board.

same configuration of LPUART1 is used for the different pins.

 I have changed the pin configuration

void PORT_init (void) {

PCC->PCCn[PCC_PORTD_INDEX ]|=PCC_PCCn_CGC_MASK; /* Enable clock for PORTC */

PORTD->PCR[13]|=PORT_PCR_MUX(2); /* Port C6: MUX = ALT2,UART1 TX */

PORTD->PCR[14]|=PORT_PCR_MUX(2); /* Port C7: MUX = ALT2,UART1 RX */



pin  configuration in example code is below


void PORT_init (void) {

PCC->PCCn[PCC_PORTC_INDEX ]|=PCC_PCCn_CGC_MASK; /* Enable clock for PORTC */

PORTC->PCR[6]|=PORT_PCR_MUX(2); /* Port C6: MUX = ALT2,UART1 TX */

PORTC->PCR[7]|=PORT_PCR_MUX(2); /* Port C7: MUX = ALT2,UART1 RX */



we connected the K line board and tried  with PortD pin  configuration, but it is not working.


we have set the TXINV and RXINV bit before enabling the TE and RE bits and enable the TE and RE.

we updated the value to data register but data register is not updating.



I tried with UART0 configuration also, same problem facing.




 find the attached code of test code.

kindly help us in this.