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USBDM ARM Programmer Issue

Question asked by Diego Valerio on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Alice_Yang

Hello Everybody.

I have some issues using the USBDM ARM Programmer.

I am working with a MKE02Z64M2 chip, and I am trying to program its Flash with the ARM Programmer, but I have communication errors when I introduce my programmed device in my system.

I generate the .s19 file with CW 10.6 following the next steps:

   1. I enabled the option to Create Flash Image, with the Output format srec.

   2. I compiled the program. I have the ProjName.hex file.

   3. I copied the .hex file in the Computer Desktop and renamed it as ProjName.s19.

Then, with USBDM ARM Programmer, I loaded the .s19 file. I selected the Device and Clicked Detect Chip.

In security I checked Image and in programming Erase Mode "Erase All" is selected.

Then, I clicked Program Flash. It has no errors. 

When I introduce the device in my system, the communication gets wrong.


As when I debug in CodeWarrior, I can specify the Trim Options, ant it does not generate any trouble with the communication.



I think this is something that generates the trouble with my UART communication. In the USBDM ARM Programmer, I can't specify those values:

The program loads correctly in the device, but when it tries to establish serial communication through its UART port, a lot of communication error occurs, but when I compiled it with CodeWarrior through a PEMicro Debbuger, the serial communication works fine. Hope I made my point clear.

Could somebody help me with this? I need to be able to load .s19 files to my ARM devices with no errors like this one.

Best Regards,