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Modify Partition Table due to Large U-boot size

Question asked by Mike Domondon on Mar 15, 2018
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I have a Sabresd board that I am using for testing. Following the instructions in the Android User's Guide pdf, I built the android images and flashed them to an SD card. I made some changes to the bootloader. I decided to keep the splash screen of the bootloader enabled but I am using own custom bmp file as the image to be displayed... 


My problem is that my bootloader file (u-boot-imx6q.imx) exceeds 1 MB because the custom bmp file for my splash screen is large (around 600KB). It looks like the partition table (partition-table.img android image) only allocates a maximum of 1 MB for the bootloader.


Assuming I really need to use my large bmp file (insane, I know), does someone know where and what to modify to change the partition-table.img to accommodate my large bootloader imx file?