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Look for a BlueTooth device -> CDC (SPP serial)

Question asked by arnogir on Mar 16, 2018
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Is Nxp has a microcontroller solution with a code exemple which can do the  following function:


Bluetooth device working on USB (Host or Device) CDC SPP serial client?


My aim is to have a serial link (Rx/Tx) like an RS232 but by Bluetooth way.

Then we can imagine two exactly small board which are connected between them (by air..) and as output has Rx line and Tx Line.

-All bytes sent on Tx line in a side will be received on the Rx line on the other side and reverse.

-We can also imagine have this small board on only one side, on in the other side it is a computer or a smartphone will emulate a serial port via the Bluetooth connection.

-And to have an evoluate device, we can imagine replace the serial Rx/Tx line by an USB port (in Host or device) in CDC mode...


Then is Nxp has this kind of microcontroler to do this with a code exemple? (Better if there are a demo board...)

In other word, I would realize this kind of device: