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s32k144 lpi2c1 not working

Question asked by lohrsistemas on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by 玉敏111 田

I've configured the lpi2c1 like the example code with processor expert, but my i2c pins always stays in high level because the pull ups. The only difference is that my pins are the secondary, PTB9 and PTB10.



PCC (clock source):


in the main.c the 3 functions used:


LPI2C_DRV_MasterInit(FSL_LPI2C1, &lpi2c1_MasterConfig0, &lpi2c1MasterState);

LPI2C_DRV_MasterSetSlaveAddr(FSL_LPI2C1,  0x3E, 0);

LPI2C_DRV_MasterSendDataBlocking(FSL_LPI2C1, buffer, TRANSFER_SIZE, true, 10U);


I don't know if there is another configuration that I missed. I tried to put this pins to work as output and worked properly.


I tried a example that I found here in the forum and the functions stops when check the busy register: ((LPI2C0->MSR & (1 << 25)), always returns busy.