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Question asked by nishantsood on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by Martin Kovar

Hi Guys,


So, I'm working with CAN and Uart here, I have 2 projects:

1) project created from examples that is the flexcan_encrypted_s32k144 and,

2) A custom project created with Processor expert added.


Note: 1) Both of the projects have EAR SDK 0.8.6 SDKs against which they are being compiled.

          2) Same chunk of code is working fine in the flexcan_encryp example based project but the same is NOT WORKING on custom project with added PE

          3) ITOA is not getting compiled (says "undefined reference to ITOA"!!)

          4) All the components are configured correctly, interrupts, clocks, can controllers, lpuart etc (even I copied and "generated code" all times!)


When the same SDK is being with same setup and same code used why am I getting all these differences in  execution!?