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Serial Communication between Labwindows and Kinetis

Question asked by K HARSHA on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Alice_Yang

Using kinetis Design Studio ,Processor Expert , how to do serial communication from LabWindows ?

I am creating a GUI in LabWindows which will be sending & receiving characters via the serial port with Kinetis K10 processor. Unfortunately unable to do so. could anyone please suggest a way to solve the issue ?

Thanks in advance.


Kinetis Processor Expert Code :

in main.c

/* this is used when receiving data , currently commented out*********/

//volatile bool DataReceivedFlg = FALSE;
//unsigned char InpData[10];

/******** to send a character**********/

unsigned char OutData[] = "1";

LDD_TError Error;
LDD_TDeviceData *MySerialPtr;

int main(void)


MySerialPtr = AS1_Init(NULL);
for(;;) {

Error = AS1_SendBlock(MySerialPtr, OutData, sizeof(OutData));



LabWindows Code: 


bytes_read = ComRd(comport,buf,2);

CopyString (tbox_read_data, 0, buf, 0, bytes_read);
SetCtrlVal (panelHandle, PANEL_TBOX_READ, tbox_read_data);


every time "buf" is empty .