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s32K144 can bus off

Discussion created by shingo zhou on Mar 15, 2018
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I have some questions about can bus-off.
1. MCU will reset CAN peripheral automatically after enter into bus-off status? Could change it to manual control and call the     lib funtion FLEXCAN_DRV_Init() again?

2. After reset CAN peripheral automatically because of bus-off status, Which register can be set or read to recognise the        CAN bus status now?

3. In order to detect CAN bus status after MCU have entered into CAN bus-off status, how to configure the key    regesters(disable automatic recovering from bus off)?

 Now, I configure the CTRL1[BUFFREC] = 1(disable automatic recovering from bus off), enable bus off interrupt. while       MCU detected CAN bus-off status, It generate an Interrupt and enter into ISR void CAN0_ORed_IRQHandler(void), in       this function, clear the interrupt flag(CAN0->ESR1[BOFFINT]).But it could not be generated bus-off Interrupt again. To       generate bus-off interrupt again, what should I do?